Full Moon of Initiation

The planets are packed in three signs: Libra, Scorpio and Pisces. Such a concentration of planets in the signs that rule the later part of the year bring a yearning to break free of the old. This is a rejuvenating task, and in the bigger picture, we will see more sweeping changes as a revolution gears up to show itself.

One thing I’ve noticed since coming back from 6 years in Mexico is how we Americans love to make stuff up to scare ourselves. We are such a creative nation! In order for something to be created, something else must be destroyed or transformed. We are in an age of destruction now, and until November 2, we are in the Mayan “Sixth night,” which is a one-year phase in a seven year cycle. Once November 2 passes, we will emerge into the “Seventh Day,” and the end of this particular cycle. Watch and learn…

The Full Moon on the weekend will pack a wallop because it occurs in impulsive Aries which rules birth and new growth; Aries is the warrior and the Moon rules emotions and dreams; Pluto, governing transformation through unconscious processes (or downright sneakiness) will be square to this Full Moon, so enormous energy will be very concentrated. The ensuing two weeks will be pretty intriguing.

Have a wonderful week getting ready for Halloween (or Dia de Los Muertos for my Hispanic friends). The veil is getting thin…let’s thank our ancestors for surviving so that we could have life!

Aries (March 21- April 19): You get your Full Moon on Saturday! It is your very own once a year event, so don’t miss it! This moon will receive a powerful signal from Pluto and very likely give you bizarre dreams, or at least dreams that contain information you need. This is winding down time; take it at a slower pace this week and spend time reading and learning. We still have another two and a half months of this unbelievable year to go…save your energy!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Your Ruler Venus, retrograde in your sector of relationships, may indicate withdrawal or separation; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because you like space…your space! The Full Moon in your sector of Endings will encourage you to let go; letting go is very difficult for you since you tend to be very attached to what is yours, no matter how philosophical you are. It’s time for hot chocolate and a blanket and the wonderful comfort food that soothes your nerves.

Gemini (May 21- June 20): Shiver me timbers!!! There, now that I have your attention, I can tell you that you have the ability to really focus this week on something important. Saturday’s Full Moon will draw you out since it falls in your sector of Friends/Goals. A strong signal from transformative Pluto will have stuff from your subconscious (or “authentic self”) flying into your everyday mind and rather than running off to analyze it, just look at it and be still. You’re not really one to suppress much, so whatever it is that comes flying out, make a party out of it!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): This week sees a respite for you, but the weekend will be busy; the Full Moon illuminates your sector of career (the Midheaven) and since it receives a strong signal from Pluto, the coming weeks will become a turning point in your life. If you are a “caregiving” Cancerian, you may take on a new project. If you’re a “take care of me” Cancerian, you may have to adjust to doing it yourself. Still, enjoy this week because it appears to be relatively calm.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): This weekend’s Full Moon in your sector of Expansion receives a powerful signal from transformative Pluto. A prominent female in your life may make you an offer you can’t refuse. With so much focus on your sector of Home, you will hopefully be able to tear your fixed attention away to see that a good deal is being presented. In the meantime, tend to your mane and know that you do look good!

Virgo (August 23 – September 21): You are a dogged worker, and you do expect perfection. Poor baby! Now look, always do your best. Your best is either better than or not as good as someone else’s best. That doesn’t matter. If you keep your attention on your own set of ethics and stop finding fault with yourself you’ll be a lot happier. The Full Moon this weekend will deliver that message to you in a powerful way as it settles into your real mind and shuts up the wrong stuff you have learned about yourself. Yippee Skippee!

Libra (September 22 – October 23): The Full Moon this weekend blows light into your sector of relationships, bringing a life-altering message from Pluto with it! Be prepared for weird but revealing dreams and an opportunity to integrate them into your waking life. In terms of taking charge of something, well, that all depends what you truly have responsibility over. Other people’s opinions isn’t one of them. You do enjoy presentation; work on how your present yourself to the world around you. Change something; if you’ve had the same hair style for 25 years, try something new. This Full Moon gives you the change to enhance!

Scorpio (October 24- November 22): Your likes and dislikes are very clearly defined, and now that we are moving into your time of the year, plenty will know how you feel. The Full Moon this weekend in your sector of Work/Health/Pets receives a strong signal from transformative Pluto. This will remind you to shore up your health regime…on the other hand if you’re a health zealot, you may sneak off and indulge in some really fun junk food for a minute or two! This will be a good week for you to have some personal freedom.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): You are trying to run on two cylinders and it’s not working. Productivity may be down right now, and if it is, it’s time to scout out new territory. This weekend’s Full Moon will give you a shot in the arm as it illuminates your sector of Expansion and receives a powerful “Get it done!” signal from transformative Pluto. Look for action next week, for sure! Use this week to goof off as much as possible and just chill out. Watch some of your favorite movies, read, and enjoy the calm before the storm.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): Whoa…this week will have you preparing for launch because you already have your eye on something and the weekend’s Full Moon in your sector of Home receives a jolt from transformative Pluto in your sign. So what is that supposed to mean? A possible change of location for you that comes from a prominent female. So there. Stuff doesn’t just happen by itself, you know. If you start it, you’ll get it! In any event, you’re poised for positive change.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20): You may be trying to dodge bullets this week, but it’s more likely it’s you lighting the fires! When you get something in your head you hang onto it by hook or by crook and you can be one tough cookie if challenged. Well, this weekend is going to be the beginning of some real “wow” moments because the Full Moon in your sector of communication/thinking will get a powerful signal from sneaky Pluto in your sector of Endings. Well, well, well. The curioser you get, the more you’ll find, so don’t think you know it all just yet!

Pisces (February 21 – March 20): Holding steady! What a month it’s been, and last week’s rescue of the miners in Chile probably had you in a state of rapture (if not, you’re an iceberg). Helping is your second name, and this weekend’s Full Moon will herald a message to you regarding your finances and a new goal or contact. This will be a very powerful Full Moon so use it well and don’t martyr yourself or think you’re not good enough. Those yucky thoughts don’t do any good and they’re boring. Be bold.