What is Already Big

Gets Bigger

If you refer back to previous columns, you will understand that we have a major aspect going on: a T-Square between the generational and life-altering planets Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. The starting gun goes off this week due to Mars and Venus joining up with Saturn, blasting a signal to Pluto, and since Uranus is involved it’s anybody’s guess what will be on the news next. Mars and Venus’ presence makes it personal now, so the restrictive nature of Saturn and the discipline necessary to carry us through will be the focal point.

This will be an enormous month; carry on with your ear to the ground. Give yourself time to clear your mind and release worry, because worry is useless. Replace worry with contemplation. We can’t predict outcomes right now, and the folks who get paid massive amounts of money to do predicting (I’m not one of those in terms of massive amounts of money yet) know something is about to occur but they don’t know what it will be.

The forces that be also know where the kickoff will likely come from, but surprise is the main tactic since Uranus is involved. What a time to be alive! We are the ones both making and being caught up in the changes, so let’s take one day at a time and exercise kindness. Kindness needs more attention. Time for random acts of same, my friends!

Aries (March 21- April 19): Okay look, I didn’t put the planets where they are so don’t shoot the messenger! This week will be a big one; the big T-Square we’ve been discussing here is gathering force because Your Ruler Mars is right there with Saturn and Venus is joining the fray. She will move into her locked and loaded position on Sunday, but you will feel the pressure in your sector of relationships and it will blow up over finances and things that are shared. There is a very helpful aspect on Monday involving the Moon, so if you start the week out centered and stay that way, you’ll be fine.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): A Grand Trine in Earth signs kicks your week off in a good way; this will offset the mighty Cardinal T-Square we’ve discussed, bolstered by both Mars and Venus joining Saturn in your sector of work/health. If you are allergic to wasps or bees, be sure to have an Epi-Pen on hand now and don’t put it off! We’re on another roller-coaster ride, which will accelerate greatly this month. You probably won’t be able to think fast enough, so prepare and then you won’t have to.

Gemini (May 21- June 20): Well. If you’re not sleeping, it’s likely you are catching the reverberations of the massive T-Square that is now gaining even more force because of Mars and Venus joining it. Your Ruler Mercury is moving through your sector of Home and that is really where you’d prefer to be. This will be a great time to unwire and engage in a hobby you enjoy that will make you not think. You need to not think so much, it’s not good for you!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): This week starts off with a bang due to the bit Cardinal T-Square being made more forceful by Mars and Venus joining Saturn in your sector of Home. Oh, my! You are a lover of your home but you may not want to be there because of some type of disturbance, or you may even be moving soon. A Grand Trine in Earth offsets the stresses somewhat, so you will be on solid ground as long as you don’t lose your temper. Well, even if you do, try not to reduce those around you to a pile of smoldering ashes.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): This week sees an acceleration of events that will either keep you in rapt attention or completely in denial. Really, it doesn’t matter anymore if we are in denial because the world doesn’t need our help in falling apart! New structures are in progress and while you really don’t like changes, you will be able to maneuver yourself through the week and the days to come. After all, it’s your birthday month so don’t be in denial if your hair looks awful; do something with it!

Virgo (August 23 – September 21): A Grand Trine (makes things easy) in Earth signs begins the week, and it will help you out with the rest of the week and the reinforced big T-Square we’ve discussed. Mars and Venus have joined Saturn in your sector of money as part of the T-Square, so your if you have financial woes there will be answers and solutions but it won’t be easy. You will be tempted to procrastinate, but don’t! This T-Square influence will be around for a while and you may be compelled to start something new, which is a good idea.

Libra (September 22 – October 23): Mars and Venus join up with Saturn in your sign, and since Saturn is part of the powerful T-Square we’ve been discussing, you will understand very quickly what action you must take to better yourself. Since you are a strategic thinker by nature, you may not notice that what is happening in the heavens isn’t personal, so be sure to do some reality checks with trusted family and friends to gauge your decisions. This is a very, very powerful time loaded with potential shifts in the landscape. Get ready for the adventure!

Scorpio (October 24- November 22): The bit T-Square we’ve discussed gets even more powerful due to Mars and Venus teaming up with Saturn in your sector of New Beginnings. These send powerful signals to transformative Pluto in your sector of thinking/communicating/travel, kicking off events yet to manifest that will see you reaching far and wide. If you are an activist of any kind, be sure you have your facts straight before taking action, since there is a hair-trigger consciousness beginning. This will be a week that starts chain reactions. Wow. Amazing stuff.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): This week sees the big T-Square bolstered by Mars and Venus joining stern Saturn in your sector of goals/friendships. Your sector of money is where this energy will show up, since Pluto is at the tip of the T-square in that section. It’s anybody’s guess. Even you will be flummoxed in terms of thinking positive, watching the reactions around you. You will likely withdraw from the playground to pursue your own interests since you really don’t care for all the fuss.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): Pluto in your sign grabs a massive signal from Saturn, Venus and Mars in your sector of Career, and your workplace is where you will see some big changes to come if they don’t arrive this week. Control issues are futile right now (well, they are in general), so get rid of them and center yourself. This week is when the big T-Square is going to resonate very strongly and blast the planet with the forces of change and the initiation of events that are hugely transformative. Keep your ear to the ground so you’ll know what to do.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20): The massive T-Square we’ve been discussing gets a blast of energy from Venus and Mars joining Saturn in your sector of Expansion/Spirituality. Issues of higher educations arise and if you are a student ready for college, a change may occur that causes you to switch schools or change your mind about your major. Older Aquarians will be analyzing everything happening because that is what you do, and since the forces of change are so strong, it’s likely you might just go out and invent something. You’re that way.

Pisces (February 21 – March 20): The big T-Square gets a kick of energy from Mars and Venus joining Saturn in your sector of intimacy/shared assets. The outcome will be seen in your sector of goals/friends, where Pluto is intercepting the signals and spewing out the demand for transformation. Resistance is futile. If you’re a water baby, spend time on or near the water and fill your inner reserves. Compassion is needed, but what is needed even more is sheer goodness and calm. Give that to yourself first, then to everyone around you. Folks need faith.