As much as many of us want to ignore the handwriting on the wall, it seems that just isn’t going to happen. Now, as I write this, toxic sludge from Hungary is invading the Danube River. Flooding has been going on all over the place, things involving massive amounts of water pollution from the Gulf to Europe and elsewhere. Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (chaos) are still conjoined in the water sign of Pisces, and this is a characteristic of such an alignment. Large bodies of water or inundations and expansion of whatever is happening with them. It seems like the pipes are breaking everywhere in some form or another, and all we can do is helplessly watch and do what we can to nurture what we have.

The good news is that Saturn the Authoritarian is moving away from Pluto the Transformer. This particular square has been with us for a year and the fallout will be seen in November. Enough said about that. I do hope that voter turnout is high. The mid-term elections deserve votes, and people on either side of the fence can exercise their privilege to vote then forever hold their peace.

For so many of us this has been a “hella” year, and we are maneuvering ourselves into all kinds of coping behavior from complete denial to apathy to activism. Yes, there is urgency and yes, time is running short, but I’ve been saying that for the past 10 years so it’s no news.

For now, the best actions to take are winterizing cars and houses. This is the time to get it done; I expect to see some pretty skanky weather here this winter, and as Mercury will be retrograde for almost all of December and we have a visible total lunar eclipse on the day of the winter solstice…well…do you get my drift? Don’t waste any time, my friends!

Aries (March 21- April 19): You feel relief as the intensity of conjoined planets is beginning to break up, giving you some breathing room. You like to be the first, the best, and the one to make the decisions. You will have room to maneuver your way through the week now. Your sector of relationships is still occupied by the Sun, Mercury and Saturn but this triplet is beginning to break apart. The Sun and Mercury are very close though, making communication much better. Don’t forget that it isn’t always all about you.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Venus has gone retrograde in your sector of relationships, and this could be an indication of feeling a loss of power or self confidence. With Mars still going strong though, you are determined to move forward even if it is slowly. You are definitely weighing things in your mind and will take a while to make up your mind and you will not be rushed. The feeling of intensity is lifting, and you can sit down and have a cuppa and a bikkie and think about a few things in peace.

Gemini (May 21- June 20): Your sector of health/work will get your attention now as Venus has gone retrograde and is moving away from Mars. This particular doublet has had you stymied for a while, due to undercurrents you can’t quite grasp. Being the adaptable and swift thinking air sign, you may have accidentally flown over where ‘X marks the spot.” Now you will be able to go back and retrace your steps (I know, you hate repeating anything unless it’s really fun) to recover that critical piece. You’ll have to make an effort, though; it won’t happen by itself.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): If people have been accusing you of being out of your mind, you can always just slap on a name tag that says, “Out of my mind, bbl.” With so much happening within you and around you, you’re not exactly in a frame of mind to be friendly to other people unless they can make themselves useful. Since thinking with emotions isn’t the smartest way to play your hand, make it a policy to retreat while you react, calm down, then go out again. That way you won’t attract the wrong kind of attention.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): The breaking apart of Mars and Venus in your sector of Home lessens the tension due to Venus going retrograde there. Finally, the doublets and triplet are dissolving and you can stretch out and relax. Communicative Mercury and the Sun are hand in hand now, and since the Sun is your Ruler, this is a very good thing. You will be able to express yourself much more clearly and logically than usual, bringing your goals closer to you. Spruce up your hair to match the success!

Virgo (August 23 – September 21): Now that the Sun and Mercury are hand in hand in our sector of money, you are able to successfully negotiate for a raise or the funds you need from the government. Since you’ve been pretty restricted lately, this will bring the relief you need. Venus has gone retrograde in your sector of communicating, so this will lessen the intensity of emotions and allow you to think clearly and ground yourself into reality. Mars will help you gather all the information you need and conduct the research you need to do with minimal distractions. Excellent!

Libra (September 22 – October 23): The Sun and Mercury are conjoined in your sign now, and Saturn is moving away from them; Saturn is also moving away from its hard angle to Pluto, so you are able to breathe! Clarity returns and your comfort level increases now. Venus and Mars are still close together in your sector of money, and Venus is now retrograde. She is your Ruler, so you will now be able to detach emotionally from a financial matter and be able to grasp what is happening without feeling like it’s personal. If it turns out it is really personal, you can deal with it swiftly and effectively.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22): Venus has gone retrograde in your sign, and as she backs away from Mars you will feel the space between them. Having these two conjoined in your sign for all this time has really highlighted how you feel about yourself and how you are conducting your life. Now you can make the necessary adjustments and see the trees instead of the entire forest. You do get overwhelmed sometimes, but you’re coming out of that. Signals from Jupiter and Uranus in your sector of creative expression (both retrograde) call you back to an earlier time when you had your fingers on the pulse. You’ll rediscover some good stuff now!

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): Connections made now will have far reaching effects due to the Sun and Mercury both in your sector of goals/friendships. As you plot your next adventure, commit yourself to the hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to realize the goal. You are normally such an optimist, and now you are focused on concrete steps to move you to the next level. This will pay off as long as you don’t take your eyes off the target and get distracted. Stay on course!

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): Finally, your Ruler Saturn in your sector of Career breaks away from transformative Pluto who is in your sign. The great T-Square is finished and you made it! Now the angst is down to a whisper rather than at full volume. It is time to turn your attention to gentler pursuits and disengage from harsh circumstances. The Sun and Mercury help you clarify and communicate the highest and best of who you are now. Use this week to do whatever it takes to get you from here to there.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20): Okay, it’s settling down now. Last week was just nutty all the way around, but with the doublets breaking up, you have an opportunity to come up for air. Fantastic! Air is good and oxygen is your friend! If you feel like withdrawing from the fray, do it. Every good warrior needs a rest, and as we get ready to close the year (still more surprises to come), you need to just sit by the fire for a bit and think about a few things that you actually can do something about. Conserve your energy and pamper yourself.

Pisces (February 21 – March 20): The intensity begins to break up now; aren’t you happy? It’s a very good thing to not feel like you’re dodging bullets all the time. With both Jupiter and Uranus retrograde and still conjoined in your sign, the global effect is still being felt; be sure that you are able to swim in the clear waters of an authentic life rather than the muddy waters of expectations or a bad case of the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” regrets. This week, do what you wish you’d done in some way. Right your sailing ship and clean out the scuppers.