A New Month

It seems like the sun just came out, and already August is here! Folks in the San Juans, do you have Augustitis yet? I well remember that phenomenon. Still, summer just got here, but I think this year is very different in that we could have a beautiful, mild fall and plenty of time to regroup, gather, brainstorm or just plain relax and enjoy the bounty that is our area.

The big T-Square is gaining strength now, and by now we should be getting used to it. Hopefully we are learning from these extraordinary times and also communicating with our elders; those who are now in their 80’s are experiencing their Uranus Return. The last time Uranus was in Aries was in 1928, the year before the Great Depression. Uranus is a planet affecting generations, and while I don’t feel we will have another Depression, we are certainly not in good shape financially as a nation. So, Uranus comes once again to shake us up and knock the slats out of any illusions we may have built up. One thing I see that is wonderful is so many home gardens, the resurrection of homegrown food and the establishment of small farms and the community’s support of them.

We continue with these extraordinary times, and those of us who are Boomers likely have/had parents that were Depression kids. Now we have so much more in terms of everything than our parents had, and what is clear is we must be good stewards of what we have, including our inner selves and what we have learned from life.

Cycles come and go, and we are now ending several massive cycles, which always bring surprises and losses and upheavals; however, we can’t take it personally. What we can personally do is our best each day, plan for short term and contingencies, and make ourselves and each other as comfortable as possible.

Aries (March 21- April 19): The gorgeous Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates your sector of friendship/goals, bringing you an opportunity to network with others and grab some technological tools that will enhance your life. The Sun has moved into noble Leo, bolstering your sector of creative expression; lucky Jupiter in your sign has gone retrograde, so its signals won’t be there as a buffer for a while. Your own nature will dictate your fortune now and what goes around comes around so play nice!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): The Full Moon in your sector of Career brings a surprise to you; something you hadn’t seen before comes to light and you are able to move forward with clarity and a sense of solidity. Communicative Mercury joins your Ruler Venus in your sector of creative expression, giving you the flexibility and lateral thinking needed to make big decisions in a good way. This weekend, fiery Mars blows into your sector of work/health; you’ll feel like you’ve drunk Red Bull for a month!

Gemini (May 21- June 20): The Full Moon in your sector of Expansion/Spirituality illuminates the corners of your spiritual practice that need clarity. Your Ruler Mercury sails into your sector of Home this weekend, and you’ll be the social butterfly during the month of August! With our brief summer, you have done all you can to get out and around; you’re even ready to abandon your books for a while to check out the real world and see what’s going on! As we collectively lurch from one extreme to the other, you’re a great referee for your ability to see both sides.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): The Full Moon in your sector of shared assets/intimacy brings new ideas for enhancing that area of your life. As we move into late summer, your desire to enhance your home rises, and you instinctively prepare to settle in and love your home even more. Communicative Mercury sails into your sector of thinking/short trips/siblings, so get ready to take some day trips when you can and see things you haven’t seen before. That always refreshes your mind! Then come back home. You don’t like to be gone very long.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): It’s your birthday time and you are filled with the rays of your noble sign! The Full Moon floods your sector of relationship with magical moonbeams and you’re ready to celebrate yourself. Communicative Mercury sails into your sector of friends/goals, and your celebration this year should be something different, involving a mix of people that will blend well. Keep that in mind! Jupiter has gone retrograde in your sector of expansion, and this will apply the brakes to something that has been barreling along in your life. You’ll have to make some adjustments without Jupiter’s buffer bringing you synergy, but you can do that because you are very clever.

Virgo (August 23 – September 21): Mercury sails into your sign, joining powerful Venus and Mars (but Mars will leave at the end of the week). This brings you an enormous amount of close-at-hand ways to deal with whatever may be heading toward the ditch in your life, if anything is. The Full Moon in your sector of work/health brings with it a fresh desire to add something innovative to your fitness routine. You have lots of ways to make yourself comfortable now, so take advantage of the opportunities and keep shining that earthy soul of yours to all and sundry.

Libra (September 22 – October 23): The Full Moon activates your sector of creative expression and romance, and later this week communicative Mercury moves into your sector of Endings; you’re busy! The Cardinal T-Square is in full force and getting stronger, affecting those born from September 22 – 25, especially. This is a time of enormous energy and new beginnings and your fine mind and strategic abilities are your strongest attributes. August will be a wacky month, so if you haven’t taken your vacation time or trip yet, get it done within two weeks!

Scorpio (October 24- November 22): Lots of action now; the Full Moon lights up your sector of Home, and you may be ready to add a new gadget to your collection. What could it be…do you have a Wii yet? You are getting all the outdoor time you can now, and the current planetary configurations propel you to get involved in causes or charity work. While monetary gains are still few and far between, your ability to dive deep is serving you very well. You are surrounded by friends now, both old and new so your biggest challenge is getting some quiet time.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): The Full Moon illuminates your sector of communicating and short trips; if you’re not able to do a long-distance trip now, you’re enjoying events closer to home. Communicative Mercury sails into your sector of career; you may be adding another job to your repertoire now but be sure you don’t spread yourself too thin! Your Ruler Jupiter has gone retrograde in your sector of creative expression so you may be following others’ leads now, which is fine. It’s all a rhythm and you are able to dance.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): If you haven’t yet addressed the dreaded “control issues,” you will be soon…it is just a matter of how uncomfortable you feel before you finally just let go. You do like to keep an eye on things, especially things over which you have no control. Shift your gaze to more enjoyable activities and let the big stuff go if you can’t do anything about it; your body will thank you! Communicative Mercury sails into your sector of expansion/spirituality this week, and your learning curve will rise even higher. Enjoy!

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20): The Full Moon in your sign galvanizes you into action in an area close to your heart. You are a thinker rather than a feeler, but if something is really tugging at your heart, pay attention to it and use your inner guidance. There is so much going on “out there” that you’ll vector-splatter if you let your mind wander too far, so stay focused on your own back yard and maintain the quality of your life as best you can.

Pisces (February 21 – March 20): Lots going on in your sector of relationships now, and it’s getting downright personal! The Full Moon in your sector of Endings shines light into an area that is ready to be cut away; you have a lot to focus on now, and as long as you use all of your maneuvering skills you will be able to multitask with ease. The big T-Square going on may zap your energy, so keep your personal life as peaceful as possible and practice gratitude for all the things that are going right in any given day.