Hootie Saves the Day, A Kids’ Book About Birds of Prey

Submitted by Jan Crossen.

Eagles and owls may try to catch Chickens, ducks, small dogs, and cats. Learn who is found to save the day And keep the danger far away!

Hootie Saves the Day, A Kids’ Book About Birds of Prey, is the final title in Jan Crossen’s Farm Adventures Series for readers ages 6-9.

“It is an exciting, entertaining, and informative tale about Bald Eagles and Great Horned Owls who visited our farm hunting for food,” Crossen said. “Don’t worry, though, everyone survives in this story which was inspired by true events.”

Learn about these birds of prey and how these female farmers searched to find a solution to their sky predator problem. The women were determined to provide protection for their small animals that would also be safe for the eagles and owls.

“There is a wonderful heartwarming event in the book and then a win-win happy ending,” Crossen continued. “I wrote the Farm Adventures Series because so many children today are three to four generations removed from farm life. They have little to no exposure to what living on the farm means. I wanted to provide information about animals and share insights into the joys and challenges of country living.

The eight books in the Farm Adventures Series includes stories about a charming barn cat who adopted us; our Jersey milk cows and the goats who are their extended herd members; our three horses; our flocks of Bantam chickens and fascinating ducks; as well as facts about local wildlife such as deer, Barred Owls, and Orca whales. Living on an island in the Pacific Northwest offers a unique experience that I wanted to share.”

Crossen has also penned an animal series for youngsters under age 5. “A preschool teacher wrote asking me to shorten the story about our rescued pug, Glori, so that her “wigglers,” who have shorter attention spans, could enjoy a read aloud version. These shorter books, with the same delightful characters, have interactive questions to engage the youngsters, and a couple of them even have songs!” Crossen explained.

For more information visit the author’s website at: www.jancrossenauthor.com.