Getting your amateur radio (Ham) license

Submitted by Brian K7BLS.

There are many reasons to have a Ham license. You will be prepared for emergency communications when phones and the internet are down. Some hams enjoy chatting with people around the world and learning new technologies.

Local Hams will hold the license exam on Saturday, February 26th, 9:30 AM at the Lopez Library. There is no minimum age and no charge for the exam.

We will help you prepare for the entry level Technician license. The test has 35 multiple choice questions. All potential questions and answers are published. We will hold two Zoom sessions to help you prepare. Our experience is that people who use a study guide and take online practice exams will pass.

For Hams who are already licensed and would like to be upgrade to the General or Extra license we will offer those exams as well.

Contact me if you are interested: I will be happy to answer your questions.