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Get your amateur radio license, Oct. 23

  • Tue Sep 21st, 2021 11:08am
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Submitted by the San Juan County Amateur Radio Society.

Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics, and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across the county, around the world, or even into space, all without the internet or cell phones. It’s fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need.

The San Juan County Amateur Radio Society (SJCARS) will offer the license exam in Friday Harbor on Saturday, Oct. 23, in the morning (we’ll set your exact time with you). There is no minimum age and no charge for the exam.

We all start with the entry-level Technician license. The test has 35 multiple-choice questions. All potential questions and their answers are published. People who review the questions and take online practice tests will pass the exam. If you are interested, we will recommend a book or online course. We are here to answer your questions while you are studying.

For people who are already licensed and would like to upgrade to “General” or “Extra” we will offer those exams at this session as well.

If you are interested in participating, email SanJuanIsHamTest@pm.me by Oct. 18.