Fourth year for “Home on the Grange”

  • Sun Mar 21st, 2010 9:00am
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From left: Sage Cook

From left: Sage Cook

There are many ways to celebrate a community, but perhaps the most traditional is music.

Long term Lopezian Sue DuMond could not agree more. Her appreciation for the community culture, and for the environment provided by the wooden halls of Lopez, has seen her provide four years of concerts for islanders.

“Keeping these halls alive through music and the gathering of our community is very gratifying. I’ve had the grandsons of the builders of the halls, now grandfathers themselves, come to the shows.” DuMond says, describing an older man turning to his wife and saying “remember when we danced here 40 years ago.”

Now in her fourth year and organizing the 19th show, this year’s “Home on the Grange” is scheduled to be a quality series of events. Despite producing fewer shows than 2009 (2010 will see only two in April and one to be announced toward the end of summer) the events mirror DuMond’s efforts to cater to the entire community and respect the history of the halls.

For one thing, both the Grange and Woodmen Hall will be used. DuMond is aware that a diverse selection of people attend these concerts, not all want to sit and listen, not all want to dance. In DuMond’s opinion, everyone must be included. So, as she says, “the general rule is that the bands will be at Woodmen Hall where there is space to dance, and the singer songwriters and duos will be at the Grange.”

Secondly, the bands scheduled so far are highly anticipated and are already popular on the islands. The upcoming April 3 show features “Elephant Revival.” The band, who have played before on Orcas, San Juan, and at the Galley on Lopez, have been described by Dave Kirby of the Boulder Weekly as representing “a unique blend of an emerging new musical genre called Transcendental Folk. Carrying a multi-generational sense of creativity and inspiration.”

DuMond is excited to be able to give them a proper show and plans to divide Woodmen Hall in two so that some may sit and some may dance.

Taarka, who played last yea’s “Home on the Grange” will also preform later in the month, on April 30. Both shows will begin at 7:30 p.m., and cost $10. Tickets will be available at the door and people are advised to get there early.

For more information visit or call 468-2753