Four reasons NOT to leave your boxes and bags at Lopez Thrift Shop when it’s closed

by Migael Scherer

1. Your boxes and bags left outside look like trash.

2. Your boxes and bags left outside make the Thrift Shop look ugly.

3. Your boxes and bags left outside the Thrift Shop make Lopez Village look ugly.

4. Your boxes and bags left outside make Thrift Shop volunteers feel like trash.

Please Oh Please bring your boxes and bags to the Thrift Shop Donation Zone ONLY when it’s open: 10 a.m.-12 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. A volunteer will go through your stuff with you, gratefully accept what can be sold and give you back what can’t to save us the time and cost of disposal. The money made from sales goes back to the Lopez community—over 20 non-profits every year.

If you can do it safely, speak up when you see someone leaving boxes or bags outside the Thrift Shop after hours: “Excuse me. The Thrift Shop is closed. We don’t do this here. It hurts our community.”

With your help and thoughtful donations, we can continue to serve Lopez Island.