FHFF features “Racing Extinction” for next Director Series

Submitted by the Friday Harbor Film Festival.

“Racing Extinction,” Friday Harbor Film Festival’s next offering in The Director Series follows undercover activists trying to stave off a man-made mass extinction. Scientists predict that humanity’s footprint on the planet may cause the loss of 50% of all species by the end of the century. A team of artists and activists go on an undercover operation to expose the hidden world of endangered species and the race to protect them against mass extinction.

Spanning the globe to infiltrate the world’s most dangerous black markets, and using high-tech tactics to document the link between carbon emissions and species extinction, “Racing Extinction” reveals stunning, never-before-seen images that truly change the way we see the world. Director Louie Psihoyos has crafted an ambitious mission to pull into focus our impact on the planet while inspiring us all to embrace the solutions that will ensure a thriving, biodiverse world for future generations.

Following a free online showing Thursday, Sept. 8 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at www.fhff.org, stream it on demand from September 9-21 for $1.95. Watch the trailer at https://watch.eventive.org/fhff-director-series/play/62d010965d5b500030172f32?m=1.