Families invited to Pacific Science Center by LSWDD’s ReMake Lab

Students and parents are invited to visit the Pacific Science Center on Sept. 22 and 23 to take part in the Center’s “Curiosity Days,” a weekend-long event that explores connections between science and our region.

The special focus of this weekend’s Curiosity Days bazaar is “Evolving Cities,” which connects architects, city planners, emergency responders and other professionals helping to develop a better future in urbanized areas. Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD) will have its ReMake Lab on display, providing activities to showcase a more responsible future of recycling and materials management.

Local families are invited to participate by joining LSWDD staff in hosting an exhibition booth called “Captain Fantastic’s Recycled Plastic.” Entry to the Pacific Science Center museum is included with participation!

At the booth, participants will take physical steps through the life cycle of single-use plastics, gaining an understanding of materials extraction, production, manufacturing, shipping, sales, purchasing, and recycle, disposal and reuse processes. The many repetitive, lengthy, and environmentally harmful steps will be compared to a “reduce” or “reuse” scenario, where none of these steps must be taken. In addition, the ReMake Lab plastics shredder will be on display for attendees to try shredding plastic water bottles.

LSWDD is a model of responsible materials management for other urban areas with regards to our small footprint, self-sorting, in-house baling and direct sale of materials to markets. None of this would be possible without our incredible volunteer force!

LSWDD is honored to be displaying the community’s hard work at the Pacific Science Center. Please join us next weekend for this exciting time to show off our good work by emailing nikytap@lopezsolidwaste.org.