EMS week, May 21–27

San Juan County Fire District 4 appreciates and would like to thank the volunteer emergency medical technicians, rescue unit, student aid unit members and the EMS providers for their time, effort and commitment to the Lopez community.


Lt. Suzanne Berry

Lt. Richard Carter

Megan Constable

Chad Ferrians

Sam Fowler

Donna Hasbrouck

Mark Herrenkhol

Joe Ingman

Lt. Liz Malinoff

Lt. Terry Marshall

Michelle McDarmont

Janis Miltenberger

Rob Nou

Lt. Nicole O’Bryant

Lt. Pamela Pauly

Sally Reeve

Dave Rucker

Mary Sather

Table Studzienko

Audrey Wakefield

Rescue Unit

Tyler Brower

Chad Ferrians

Sam Fowler

Mike Hobie

Lt. Stu Post

Students Aid

Anah-Kate Drahn

Jana Gruenwald

Ani Sanburn-Bill


Jim Ghiglione

Caleb Pal

Tracie Red Elk