Effort to save the Shaw Store gains momentum

Submitted by the Save the Shaw Store Board of Directors

Dear friends and neighbors,

Save the Shaw Store has gotten off to a terrific start. Within just a few days of the first public announcement, enthusiastic responses have come from across the islands (as well as from the rest of Washington state, Oregon, California, Nevada, and even Arkansas and Kentucky)!


1. Through their donations, seventeen people helped us surpass the $10,000 necessary to complete the Due Diligence Fund!

Along the way, we have received or been promised over $3,000 in in-kind services.

We are now contracting with professionals to do the electrical, plumbing, building, and other site inspections and due diligence that will help us evaluate the current status of the property and determine what repairs or future maintenance may be needed.

We hope to have all reports and answers in hand by the end of February.

2. Many of you have contacted us offering support and encouragement.

We’re hearing a great deal of enthusiasm for the Shaw Store to stay a store, owned by a community non-profit. We are thrilled to report that we already have over $50,000 in pledges to our Downpayment Fund. Thank you very much if you have already donated or pledged!

Pledges are an expression of support for this project. These pledges will become actual donations when the final transaction for this property is ready to take place. Please continue to show us your support through pledges as this project takes shape and gains momentum.

We are inspired by all the interest and support!


Once the inspections are completed, we can complete our business plan, which will show our projected income and expenses.

With the business plan in hand, we will continue the fundraising effort for the $1 million in donations necessary for the Downpayment Fund.

When those funds are pledged, we will secure funding for the remainder of the final sales price.


We are committed to this process being as transparent as possible. For those signed up on our email list, we will email updates frequently.

You can pledge to the Downpayment Fund, sign up for emails, and check up our regular updates on our website: savetheshawstore.org

Facebook: Save the Shaw Store

Instagram: @savetheshawstore

But please do not hesitate to email any of us when questions, concerns, or ideas for help come to you! We are compiling a list of common questions and concerns, and we will be publishing those on the website and social media on an ongoing basis.

Hearing from you keeps our spirits high and our engines revved!


Your Save the Shaw Store team

Jennifer Swanson (jenswanson@hotmail.com)

Anne Wysocki (annefranceswysocki@gmail.com)

Learner Limbach (learner@orcasfood.coop)