Eating Well is Vital, Part 2

Submitted by Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support

Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support has provided educational programs to the community for several years under the title Living Long on Lopez. In May, we presented a panel discussion on how to gain maximum benefit from the foods you eat.

There was so much rich information for all ages shared by Susie Teague, Sue Roundy, and Deborah Bonnville, that we have scheduled a follow-up event, Eating Well is Vital Part 2, Saturday, Nov. 10, 1 p.m. at Grace Church Hall.

Topics will include: how your body utilizes food and cellular health of the body (Susie Teague); the exceptional quality and abundance of locally grown food on Lopez (Sue Roundy); and expanding access to locally grown food through Lopez Fresh and other programs (Deborah Bonnville).

Other topics will include “cultural bias” toward food production and consumption, and emerging research on the human microbiome. Nancy Ewert will provide healthy snacks and recipes, with generous support from our local grocer Blossom Foods and T & D Farms.

Come to this informative event, Eating Well is Vital, Part 2. There is useful information for all ages. You will be sure to enjoy learning more about how food affects your body, and hear some of the fascinating histories of food production on Lopez.

If you have questions, please call the Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support office at 360-468-4446 or email