Crossen releases new childrens’ book

Submitted by Jan Crossen.

Deer, Owls, squirrels, and snakes Are some of the critters who live on our farm. They are our neighbors but what is at stake? They bring beauty and intrigue, but will they bring harm?

Lopez author, Jan Crossen, recently published Deer Haven Farm, Wild Animals Were Here First, a book for children ages 6-9 who are curious about the incredible wild animals in the Pacific Northwest. This book entertains while teaching fascinating information about Orca Whales, Black-Tailed Deer, Barred Owls, Gray Squirrels, and Garter Snakes. Lopez kids will recognize island living with the references to the Village, the ferry, and trips to the mainland.

“I wrote this book in order to share the rich experience of living in the Pacific Northwest,” Crossen said. I want children to know about the amazing wildlife here and to realize that these creatures lived here long before we did. Animals behave according to their nature, and it is up to humans to adapt to living safely in their environment. I believe we need to create a safe habitat where all beings can thrive and live peacefully together.”

Deer Haven Farm, Wild Animals Were Here First is the seventh book in the Farm Adventures Series. “According to the television program, America’s Heartland, most of today’s kids are 3-4 generations away from growing-up on a farm. I want kids to learn a little bit about farm animals and get a taste of country living and what they’re missing,” Crossen added. Jan’s books are available from her and in eBook and print from Amazon.