“COVID-19 Community Conversations” round two

  • Thu Apr 23rd, 2020 6:12pm
  • Life

Submitted by San Juan County

This week “COVID-19 Community Conversations” continues with three short videos that highlight efforts from organizations and people providing key services and crucial leadership in our community.

You can find these videos on our YouTube channel “San Juan County COVID-19 Response” at www.youtube.com/channel/UC3s2IXYXpQqrCP2C2a07YFg.

Norvin Collins, Chief of San Juan Island Fire and Rescue: COVID-19 has led the Fire District to examine different staffing models: “we need to not only protect our community, but volunteers and emergency responders as well… we have now rolled out 24-7 staffing.” He then added, “We have tightened up our coordinated response with San Juan Island EMS… and spooled up a Fire Operations center with agencies around the county.” He closed by saying “I want to thank all of our citizens and residents — we could not have flattened the curve without you!” Check out their Facebook page as firefighters read children’s stories during the pandemic. youtu.be/xMNmKtDrdmE.

Mike Thomas, Administrator of San Juan County: The county has committed many of its resources to a robust response to COVID-19 through its county Emergency Operations Center, though this has contributed to limitations in other projects. Resources can be found on its website to enable the public to access services during social distancing. “We’re also aware of the social and economic impact of the county… part of our assessment is figuring out how to work with other organizations to try and figure out how to be a partner.” He added that the county is adapting to the situation and asked for patience as they learn, “Some of these projects aren’t things we traditionally do, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try.” He thanked the community saying, “everyone has done something to help.” youtu.be/NcT3qJklp9Q.

Victoria Compton, Executive Director of San Juan County Economic Development Council: Whether she’s participating in Gov. Inslee’s press conferences or working with the County Council, Victoria is working hard to help local businesses. In this video, Compton presents a multi-step approach for businesses dealing with this crisis. youtu.be/lMDtG1-RvHU.