Cool off with the LIFRC

  • Fri May 21st, 2010 11:16pm
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Adventurous young sailor prepares for capsize maneuvers during Lopez Summer Sailing Workshop

Adventurous young sailor prepares for capsize maneuvers during Lopez Summer Sailing Workshop

This summer, the Family Resource Center is offering you the perfect way to cool off. The highlights of this year’s schedule of summer classes has a decidedly nautical air.

“In this summer’s program we have three water activities: the sailing program, sea faring, and the kayaking program,” says Celia Marquis, director of the Family Resource Center.

There will be the regular line up of activities, but the center is emphasizing the fun and reasonable prices behind the water-related classes.

This is particularly evident in the seafaring classes. Patsy Haber, event coordinator, calls it “a rowing and sailing adventure on two expedition boats.”

For five days and four nights, students will have the chance to sail into marine parks and camp there. There will be both a middle school, and a high school trip, but with only eight spaces in both it is advised to reserve early.

Striking a slightly different pace comes the sailing classes. “[The sailing classes] are basically run by a sailing committee, an incredible group of lopez Islands enthusiasts who keep the boats maintained. we couldn’t do the program without this group,” says Marquis.

Lopez Islanders Resort is also mentioned in gratitude for allowing the classes to use their facilities.

The center highlights inclusivity with the courses, thus ages nine to adult are catered for in 10 different sailing classes.

Additionally all classes and events are open to visitors, tourists, and family from off island. “It’s a great way for kids to meet more off-island kids,” says Haber. The center also runs a scholarship program associated with the sailing instruction.

Ensuring that there is something for everyone also applies to the Kayak workshops. Available to ages eight to adult, the center has also added a teen kayak class. They are partnering with Cascadia Kayak and Doug Benoliel (NOL instructor) to bring everything from the introductory, to navigation instruction.

For more information, contact the Family Resource Center at 468-4117 or visit for a brochure and on-line registration. Copies of the brochure are also available from the Chamber of Commerce, the market, the library and the LIFRC office.