Concourse d’ Elegance

Submitted by Helen Cosgrove

This year’s Concourse d’ Elegance is dedicated to vintage car collector and lifelong Lopez Island resident Richard (Dickie) Pickering. Pickering’s passion for vintage vehicles started early in life and grew stronger with each passing year, amassing a collection that bursts at the seams in the building that houses them. The collection is a focus on Fords and in particular the sturdy Model A. When Pickering retired, time would allow him to restore his vehicles. He had a strong belief that vintage vehicles should remain stock, in its pure factory condition, and that souping up a classic car is a taboo. He was a perfectionist in his restoration work, sometimes taking years to complete a single project. Ever doubtful of the flaws that only he could see, he proudly displayed the collection each and every summer for all to appreciate. The Concourse d’ Elegance was the perfect venue for Pickering to join together with other passionate car collectors.

Pickering was presented a trophy at the 2018 event for the “Best In Show Ever” in acknowledgement of his contributions over the years which will never be surpassed. Pickering may be gone, but his legacy and his life’s work and dedication to his passion lives on through his beloved car collection.

Show up with your antique, unique or unusual vehicle on Saturday, Aug. 10, in the Village. Cars will park on Tower Drive, Eads Lane and in front of Paper Scissors on the Rock. You can watch the parade of vehicles as we leave the Village around 12:30 p.m., circle the village and then drive up Lopez Road to Military Road and on to Fisherman Bay Road, following it to Davis Bay Road and then to 121 Coffelt Drive for a picnic lunch. For more information, contact Helen Cosgrove at 468-3624 or Please join us for this wonderful event for a fun time.