Community Scholarship Foundation Scholars Ready to Pursue Their Dreams

Submitted by The Lopez Island Community Scholarship Foundation.

The Lopez Island Community Scholarship Foundation is delighted to share the news of its 2022 awards recipients.

This year, for the first time, LICSF awarded a scholarship for students on a Career and Technical Education path. The recipient of this inaugural award is Travis Arnott, son of Trisha and Stanley Arnott, who plans to earn his Commercial Driver License at Taylor Driving School in Burlington, WA. In their letter of recommendation, former Sunset owners June and Joel Arnold wrote, “In our many years of working with students, we have never met a young person we could say had a stronger work ethic than Travis, or one who was willing to work through challenges to complete a job.” Travis is on his way to learn how to operate heavy equipment, aiming to one day own his own business.

Bound for Scripps College in southern California is Isara Greacen, daughter of Chuenchom and Christopher Greacen. Isara plans to study language, nutrition, exercise science and bioethics. She is passionate about participation in community, as well as protecting freedom and democracy.

Also headed to a four-year degree program is Camille Steckler, daughter of Janet Baltzer and Scott Steckler, who will pursue a major in psychology with a minor in art at the University of Washington. Camille shared with LICSF that her interest in psychology “stems from a deep curiosity about the world and people.” She hopes to become an art therapist, “or find a job where I can actively see my work influence the betterment of people.”

On behalf of a proud Lopez community, LICSF wishes these stellar 2022 graduates all the best in their life’s next chapter. To learn more about this community scholarship program, or to lend your support, please visit