Baroque music comes to Lopez Island Aug. 10

  • Fri Jul 30th, 2010 10:55pm
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Left: Jim Rich’s harpsichord. He had the lid sent to Italy where it was painted.

Left: Jim Rich’s harpsichord. He had the lid sent to Italy where it was painted.

On Aug. 10 there will be a chance to experience Baroque music on Lopez. Local oboist and flutist Sand Dalton will perform with friends at 7:30 p.m. in Grace Church.

“I like the way it [Baroque music] is a kind of language in tones, it has a speech-like quality to it. The phrases are in a kind of poetic meter,” says Dalton, describing his love of the genre.

He first became interested in Baroque in the ‘70s when at college at the California Institute of the Arts. After two seasons working for the L.A. Chamber Orchestra, he became inspired to research Baroque-era oboes, re-locating to Lopez to start his workshop.

Dalton will be performing with nine other musicians hailing from places as varied as Seattle, Oregon and Switzerland. More close to home, however, will be the accompaniment of local musician Celia Rosenberger. Rosenburg is Dalton’s neighbor and a well known violinist and cellist. From the slightly farther Seattle will come soprano Linda Tstastanis and her husband, Cellist Nathan Whitaker. Violinist and harpsichordist Margret Gries, and bassoonist and bass vocalist Jim Rich, will travel from Oregon to play in the event.

Those making the making the longest journey will be harpsichordist William Dickinson and his flutist wife Myriam Dickinson from Switzerland. Finally, violinist Michel Viktorovitch will travel from France.

Dalton and William Dickinson were classmates at college. Two years ago, when Dalton and his family were living in Italy, the two old friends had the chance to perform together in Switzerland. This concert is inspired by those performances.

The program, named “Music for a Midsummer’s Eve,” includes a wide variety of musical features from European composers. Among others, the group will play works by Telleman, Scarlatti, Duphly, Purcell.

This is not a ticketed event, however there is a suggested donation of $15 to help cover expenses. For more information about the concert, contact Dalton at 468-3875.