Awakening from a Dream (Brain Injury) | Poetry

  • Sun Sep 1st, 2019 6:31pm
  • Life

by Brenda Asterino

Awakening from a dream

Not quite all the way.

Confusion takes the lead

Hoping for a better day.

A moment changed the world

Always lost in time

‘Cause there’s no guarantees

On this journey of the mind.

There’s something deep inside

That beats and breaks and longs

Struggling in the silence

To play half-forgotten songs.

Enjoying where you are

Helps to redefine,

There’s nothing incomplete

Within God’s own space and time.

People hurt, people leave,

Find those who understand.

Got to trust in angels

And it helps to hold a hand.

What comes through our hearts?

What are we to know?

Did we learn and love enough?

Have we touched another soul?