Art in the Library

  • Fri Sep 24th, 2010 10:28pm
  • Life
Detail of book inspired by “The Glass Castle.”

Detail of book inspired by “The Glass Castle.”

One striking part of Lopez Island Library’s new Art in the Library installation is a display that pays homage to the library and allows patrons to interact with the pieces. It even allows them to create works of art themselves.

“We wanted to show our appreciation for all the elements our library provides,” says Lopez textile artist Jan Scilipoti.

Scilipoti and fellow artist Claire Bertenshaw have merged their love of books, movies, and the library in a special addition to Scilipoti’s show on view at the Lopez library from now to Nov. 5.

Scilipoti and Bertenshaw’s common interest in resist dyeing, bookbinding, and the library led them to collaborate on pieces inspired by a print book, an audio book, and a DVD featuring the conceptual artist, Sol LeWitt. As part of the show, patrons will be able to create their own work based on outlines provided by LeWitt.