A chance to dance ballet

  • Sat Dec 18th, 2010 12:42am
  • Life
Top photo: Adult students participating in one of Huijgen’s classes.

Top photo: Adult students participating in one of Huijgen’s classes.

For those that think ballet is just for little girls in pink, think again. Lopez resident Thea Huijgen is opening the world of pirouettes and pliés to absolutely anyone who wants to try ballet.

Whether you had a few lessons as a child and fancy a refresher, or whether ballet classes are a long unfulfilled wish, Huijgen accommodates everyone.

Huijgen moved permanently to Lopez in 2009 although she has had property on the island since 2006. Originally from the Netherlands, marriage bought her to the United States and the Washington aera.

Throughout the years and changes of place, however, dance has remained Huijgen’s passion. She trained and performed professionally in a variety of disciplines including jazz and folk dance. Ballet, however, remains Huijgen’s “first love.”

After 25 years teaching dance and creative movement in the Redmond area, Huijgen said she is pleased to be able to return to this abiding passion. The permenant move to Lopez meant the construction of her dance studio and this October she began teaching.

Huijgen said the only thing that might keep you from her class is an injury, but apart from that anyone of any shape can participate. “If you can walk, you can take ballet,” she said. “You don’t have to be a skinny ballerina, within your own body shape you can make beautiful movements.” Being a “ballerina” is also not a prerequisite as Huijgen has two men currently dancing in her classes.

Classes are not overly demanding on the physique, with emphasis going on strength, flexibility and balance. “It is good for the mind as well, it keeps you sharp as there is a big logic to ballet, you have to direct the mind, and body,” said Huijgen. Above all, Huijgen points out, ballet is fun.

Huijgen also runs classes for 6 to 9 year olds. In the future she hopes to accommodate younger children age 3-4. For more information on class times and prices, contact Huijgen on 468-4407.