A band by any other name…

  • Sat Feb 13th, 2010 12:42am
  • Life
Jeff Nichols at the Galley

Jeff Nichols at the Galley

If you were in the Galley restaurant last Friday, you may have encountered a small case of identity crises. Although it was the familiar members of the band the “Hip Waders” playing, they were not able to advertise themselves as that. All that was to be seen on the Galley’s notice board prior to the show, was the promise of “live music.”

However, as founding member Jeff Nichols explains, it was not so much identity crises, as double identity. The Hip Waders have sported the name for about a year now, says Nichols. Originally created by the band’s Doug Cram, Nichols says he bonded with the name over time, finding personal meaning in it through his song “can’t stop the flood but I’ve got my hip waders.” The band, therefore, had a good relationship with their name. That is, until an email arrived about two months issuing them a formal ‘cease and desist’ request. In other words, stop using the name, or face the consequences.

The cease and desist came from another band called the “Hip Waders” who, apparently, had first call on the name. Nichols is not totally sure where they came from, but he suspects LA. He is also unsure exactly how they heard about the Lopez Hip Waders, given that the band is not exactly high profile. “We mostly perform in the Galley,” he says. However, he goes on to say that at one gig in the Lopez center, videos taken of them ended up on YouTube. He imagines that the other band found them there.

Nichols comments that the email was very politely put, but the message was clear. So the Lopez Hip Waders have become…well…nothing official as of yet. Nichols says there are possibilities for the new band name, including alternatives that, as he says, “have a life of their own.” The one he refers to particularly is the “Hip Replacements.” Although amusing, he is not convinced by this option. His suggestion has seen two incarnations, the first being “Hipuazi”. However he explains that people tell him this looks too much like “nazi.” The second version is “Hipuazee” which he is happy with, but yet to convince the other band members.

Nichols comments that no decision is likely for the immediate future. It seems that the notice board outside the Galley will continue to read simply “live music” for a while yet.