Women supporting Ryan Palmateer for the future of our county | Letter

We have a wonderful candidate running for County Council in District 1, and his name is Ryan Palmateer. We have gotten to know Ryan over the last year and a half (some longer) and have been extremely impressed with his extensive knowledge regarding the workings of our County. Ryan is an expert on renewable energy and energy efficiency, so he will help us to address climate change. Ryan is very well-versed in governance as well as almost every conceivable issue the County Council will consider.

One quality that places Ryan head and shoulders above others in this race is his understanding and use of technology. COVID-19 has shown that our County’s communication with citizens is outdated, and Ryan can provide the leadership needed to resolve this important issue.

Ryan has the boldest plan to address vacation rentals, and he will act on this issue in his first ninety days. Ryan is acutely attuned to the need for affordable housing; he worked to enact the REET to support affordable housing, and once in office he will push to have the REET used in new, creative ways. Ryan recognizes the need to diversify our economy and create new jobs as we recover from COVID-19, and to this end he will be working closely with the Economic Development Council and the San Juan County Visitors Bureau.

As women, we are excited to vote for women when they are the best candidates, and therefore, we support Cindy Wolf in District 2. However, we feel that the best candidate in District 1 is Ryan Palmateer, and we are delighted to vote for him.

Geri Turnoy

Sharon Abreu

Alison Longley

Stephanie Buffum

Laura Jo Severson

Susan Grout

Peggy Rhoads

Alexandra Gayek