Why you should vote for Stephen Adams | Letter to the editor

Kurt Jacobs supports Stephen Adams

I have known Stephen Adams for more than three decades now and can think of no one better suited to become one of our Port Commissioners.  Steve and I taught together at Lopez for nearly all that time.

We each gave more than 20 years of volunteer service to the Lopez Island Fire Department (SJCFD#4) where Steve served as firefighter, EMT, and Chief of the Fire Unit before the department hired a chief for the entire department.  Steve finished his fire service career as a commissioner for the fire department.

Steve Adams has a long record of service to this community.  He is honest, caring, collaborative, and intelligent.  He is stable, thoughtful, and insightful.  Steve doesn’t come to this election with an agenda.  His goal is to serve the community, the entire community, to the best of his ability.  His greatest assets lie in bringing an open mind to each meeting and listening to all sides before voting on any issue.  He will actively research all sides of an issue before casting any vote.

Steve is running for the position of Port Commissioner because he is a pilot, a caring community member, and loves living on Lopez Island.  If elected; Steve will put the needs of our island community above all others, even his own, if necessary.  He did this as a teacher on Lopez, and again as a firefighter, EMT, fire chief, and fire commissioner. Stephen is the most capable candidate for the position of Port Commissioner.

Stephen Adams has my vote for the position of Port Commissioner and I urge you to vote for Steve, as well.

Kurt Jacobs

Lopez Island