Why I am voting for Rick Hughes | Letter

I will be voting for Rick Hughes for San Juan County Council in November.

Without Rick’s support, Orcas would not have The Exchange. From the beginning he recognized the importance of The Exchange, and Orcas Recycling Services vision to create a model solid waste management system.

Rick and ORS are committed to addressing climate change through better management of solid waste. Currently Rick is supporting development of our “Recycling Center”, which will crush glass into reusable sand, and bale separated recyclables. Rick is also committed to getting real composting systems going County-wide.

Rick has championed conversion to renewable electricity. From spearheading a project to convert County buildings to solar power; to building large-scale solar arrays.

Another reason I will vote for Rick: Experience. He’s been around long enough to understand the complexities and grey areas of the issues facing San Juan County. This is absolutely not the time to walk away from that type of knowledge and experience.

Finally, I am voting for Rick because he gets things done. Project after project. He answers his phone. He cuts through red tape, and helps solve problems. Rick is the best choice for District #2.

Pete Moe

Orcas Island