Why bet on the come, when we have an ace in the hand | Letter

Bottom line, I trust Rick’s integrity, I value his experience,= and I appreciate his commitment.

I am often perplexed when people say they voted for a particular candidate because of their affiliation with a party, their gender, or because they would just like to try a change. When did we stop voting for the best-qualified candidates?

Rick Hughes has worked tirelessly for our county for eight years. He knows what the county council role is, and what it isn’t. He has developed extensive relationships at all levels of government on the topics that are most important to our county.

I do not always agree with Rick’s decisions. When I reach out to Rick with a concern, he is willing to make himself available and listen to my concerns. He has done his research, has listened to the concerns of all viewpoints, and I usually learn more about the issue because of all the due diligence he has done

I want a representative that has a long history with life in the island and one who is not afraid of change but who approaches it with caution and compassion for our beautiful, unique home. I value a representative who knows what it takes to run a successful essential business and provide good jobs to our community.

Our county charter specifically states the council is a nonpartisan position. Rick exemplifies that with his actions, listening to all points of view.

Rick’s opponent is likely a wonderful person who might even have some good ideas. However, I have not seen her engaged in activities relevant to the management of our county that would show us her ability to be effective in this role. My advice, get engaged and try again in four years.

Let’s not waste this opportunity to retain a qualified, committed and experienced leader at a time when it is what we need at this challenging time. Let’s celebrate that Rick is up for another four years in a role that can all-consuming when you live in a small community.

Bottom line, I trust Rick’s integrity, I value his experience,= and I appreciate his commitment to our county. Please join me in reelecting Rick Hughes.

Patty Miller

Orcas Island