We are voting yes on Prop 1 | Letter

We, the undersigned, wish to keep health care on Lopez Island, so we’re voting yes on Proposition 1: Restoring Regular Property Tax levy:

Lynda Meurk Anderson

Dean Emery Anderson

Kate Scott

Jeanette Ross

David Champion

Lorraine Edmond

Tom Bowden

Mindy Knold Richardson

Bruce Richardson

Barb Nepom

Jerry Nepom

Carol Deckelbaum

Alex Maas

Mary Bywater Cross

Martha A. Gooding

Bryan S. Gooding

Pamela McCabe

Jan Scilipoti

Neal Anderson

Marty Clark

Christa Campbell

Paul Henriksen

Karen and Mark Eames

Richard Carr

Elizabeth Suden

Scott Pinegar

Anne Hall

Barb Orcutt

Bruce Creps

Sheila Simpson-Creps

Katherine Bryant Ingman

Mike and Taya Higgins

Jeff Clark

Bob Bucholz

Carolyn Baldwin

Jim Blomquist

Rose Kapolczynski

Lori Taylor

Anne Trench

John Trench

Larissa Mansfield

Jerry Graville

Martha Sharon

Charlie Janeway

Joyce Kruithof