Vote yes for radio systems | Letter

Vote yes for radio systems | Letter

I hope everyone in San Juan County learns as much as they can about Proposition 1. It applies to everyone and is of potential help to everyone who lives, works, and visits here.

And it will be paid for by everyone who buys taxed goods here which means visitors pay for it, too.

The most important aspect is how it increases people’s chances of survival in everyday emergencies as well as if a big event happens. Presently, communication is difficult or not at all in certain areas of all the islands. Communication between agencies is inhibited by land formations. The new system will decrease that and make it so different agencies, like the fire department and the police department, will have better direct communication. There will be a greater likelihood that more needs can be addressed quicker because of better communication.

I’ve been told that such a system has been discussed for decades. We have a good alignment right now of well-intentioned, well researched and informed people choosing to work together to make a safer county. How often does that happen? Seize this day. This will help a greater number of people. Look at the maps provided by these public servants to see how many more “shadow” areas will have communication.

The cost will raise tax on goods from 8.1 percent to 8.3 percent. I’ve voted for it. I hope you do, too.

Brenda Asterino

Lopez Island