Vote ‘yes’ for Prop. 1

I have lived on Lopez Island for 23 years.

Over that period of time, I have witnessed some beautiful pieces of land fall into the hands of developers destroying the natural beauty we are blessed with.

I have also, however, seen some areas of striking natural beauty and natural history be purchased, preserved and set aside for all of us to enjoy today and for future generations by the Land Bank.

Several times each week I find myself walking in the deep forest or along a quiet beach on land that belongs to all of us because of the long term efforts of stewardship of our land by the Land Bank.

Not only do those of us who live here get to enjoy these preserved lands but the future economy of our islands depends in part on saving our natural beauty.

I plan to vote yes on Proposition 1 to renew the Land Bank.

Those who have questions can find answers at

I urge you all to be informed and vote for renewal of our Land Bank.

Nancy Ewert

Lopez Island