Vote Steve Brandli | Letters

We two lawyers, who include the San Juan County District Court in our practice, support Steve Brandli for San Juan County District Court Judge because Steve’s analysis skills are excellent because he will bring an unbiased view to our district court and because he cares for our community.

Steve has exceptional legal skills; he is excellent in his legal preparation, he informs himself on the state of the law and he educates himself on how the law must be applied, down to the details.

Steve’s background is not one-dimensional, as one can see by looking at his qualifications. By having worked both as a prosecutor and as a defender of people accused of crimes, he has a background that is vital for a district court judgeship, as so much of its work concerns criminal cases. For us in the community, this means he is sensitive to what we expect and demand in the fair adjudication of criminal cases.

Steve has worked in various volunteer capacities in our community since he moved here. He has invested himself and his family in our community. While he will not be able to do so much volunteer work when he is elected to be our district court judge, we can rest assured that by serving as our district court judge, we will be well-served by the value he places in our community.

Lawrence Curt Delay

Jonathan Rands