Vote for the Levy

Election Day 2023 is fast approaching. Once again, Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD), as required by state law, is seeking your “Yes” vote to continue its successful operation in the new year.

The Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District continues to operate a unique, cost-effective, and innovative facility that is both locally controlled and reflects Lopez Island values. With the contributions of over 90 volunteers expected to donate more than 2,500 hours by the end of 2022, LSWDD expects to exceed its 2021 records. It is projected to recycle more than 270 tons, haul more than 800 tons of garbage off Island, and reclaim more than 115 tons of glass. Through our award-winning “Recycle Dogs” program we will recycle high-grade metals, like copper, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum for new uses at ever higher levels. In addition, by year’s end, LSWDD estimates it will have diverted 67 tons from landfills for reuse through the ever-popular Take It or Leave It (TIOLI). These records come in the face of the mounting challenges of increased population, higher fuel and ferry costs, and continuous disruptions in the ferry service.

The “Dump” remains a highly popular and essential aspect of Lopez life. In 2022, more than 900 cars per week have been cycling through the facility. Take It or Leave It continues to be a beloved Lopez program. On one day during this summer’s peak, more than 75 people were lined up waiting for TIOLI to open.

Although recycling and TIOLI will be free as usual and garbage fees will remain stable in 2023, LSWDD needs help from the community to meet the challenges of increased use and costs. Once again, it is asking voters to approve a levy of $0.08 per $1,000 of assessed taxable value, the same amount voters approved for the last levy. That’s approximately $40 a year for a $500,000 property; not bad for a well-managed, award-winning program that helps keep our beautiful, rural island healthy and clean. Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District has always relied on robust community support – 84% of voters approved the current year.

Vote for Lopez Proposition 1 to keep our Lopez Dump and Take It or Leave It operation under local control and managed according to Lopez values.

Citizens For Lopez Solid Waste Levy