Vote for hospital district | Letter

Lopez Island has a fortunate history of medical service availability thanks to forward-looking residents who formed the Catherine Washburn Memorial, now Medical, Association and raised the funds to build the first iteration of our medical clinic.

Having once served on the board of the CWMA, I can attest to the dedication of those who represent our collective interest in having a high quality, well equipped and functional medical clinic available to all islanders and visitors.

If you have been following the ramifications associated with Island Hospital discontinuing its affiliation with the clinic and the search for a new medical partner, you know that the clinic cannot survive alone in today’s complex and highly competitive healthcare environment.

Even though the clinic’s prospects may be improved with the advent of a new partner, the long-term future of the clinic also depends on a secure revenue source which can only be obtained by the formation of a Public Hospital District. It is vital to our individual health that we tax ourselves enough to ensure the continued financial well-being of our clinic.

Were we not to have a fully staffed and equipped medical clinic most of us would not be able to remain living on the island. So, please vote yes to form the public hospital district; your vote will help ensure our medical services remain local and robust.

San Olson

Lopez Island