Vote for Cindy Wolf | Letter

My name is Sally O’Brien and I’m a counselor on Orcas Island. But at heart, I’m a hospital chaplain from Seattle, having lived here only a few years.

Here’s the brief for skimmers:

YES on the vacation rental gap, moving away from fossil fuels, moving towards jobs diversification at a living wage and pro protection & revitalization of our sacred Salish Sea. Her greatest concern is affordable housing for low & middle- income folks.

I’m voting for Cindy for 3 reasons: she is a creative, a coalition builder, and well…she’s a she. It’s that kinda election year for me.

Cindy is both a creative and a tool builder. A creative is someone who looks at things through a non-linear mindset. She starts at the heart of things and walks around a problem to see it from all sides. This was evident during the Zoom forum over July 4. When a question was raised about navigating the county website, Rick got a bit defensive. Cindy talked about a new contact page. She understands the biggest blocks are actually bridges from a different vantage point. She sees the island in terms of stewardship and its people as stakeholders. Cindy doesn’t want to divide a pie when it just makes more plain sense to make a bigger pizza and invite everybody to the table.

Vet for yourself at Cindy practices “good medicine.” Let’s vote for someone who shows up. For everyone.

Sally O’Brien