United Way’s support is invaluable | Letter to the editor

Lopez Children’s Center is preparing for its 16th school year. Our first graduates are now graduating out of High School. The early learning opportunities that we offer to the children and families of Lopez are more important now than ever. Parents are continuously in need of reliable childcare to enable them to work and support their families, and with the changes in elementary education in recent years, children need to be prepared with strong social/emotional and pre-academic skills in order to succeed in kindergarten. Throughout those 16 years the Lopez Children’s Center has been supported by our caring community, through support of our fundraisers and through donations to United Way. Crucially United Way is one of the only grant funding sources that will support payroll. Our teachers are our greatest asset and payroll is 75% of our budget. Being able to request funds from United Way to offset some of our payroll costs is amazing and vital to our programs. It definitely takes a village to raise our Island children and United Way is an essential member of that village. Please consider making a donation, personally or through workplace giving to United Way so they can continue to support our Island’s essential organizations.

Jane Hobbs

Director, Lopez Children’s Center