Three in support of renewal

Former County Commissioners strongly recommend a “yes” vote on the renewal of the Land Bank

We strongly recommend a “yes” vote on the renewal of the Land Bank.

The future of our community and how much the Land Bank can do to assist in keeping these islands the livable and special place that it is for all of us – regardless of our age – depends on all of us.  More lands will be developed and taken out of forest and agriculture use in the future.  We need the Land Bank to continue to secure conservation easements and purchase pr

If we renew the Land Bank, the growth that will inevitably occur will help fund the protection of areas our community deems important.

The Land Bank is very good at leveraging its resources and partnering with other groups, governmental and non-profit, to help accomplish projects the individual entities would be strained to do on their own.

The Land Bank has much more work to do.  Please join us in supporting renewal of our successful Land Bank.

Former County Commissioners, Lopez

Tom Cowan, Rhea Miller, Bob Myhr