Thank you United Way | Letters

When United Way first began in 1887 I doubt anyone could have predicted that in 2023 it would supporting a small non-profit early learning center in the top left of the country. But here we are, and as the Lopez Children’s Center is now in its second decade of serving families we acknowledge that we couldn’t do it without United Way.

We now support more children and families than ever, and continue to grow. As the director of the Children’s Center I see daily the difference that the Children’s Center makes in the lives of our Island families. The children are learning the skills they need to thrive, and having fun whilst doing it. Families are able to receive support as they navigate the early years of childhood. Early childhood education is an incredibly valuable resource, which unfortunately continues to be underfunded at the state and national levels. United Way helps to fill the gap and allow families to access our services. It really does “take a village”, and as you consider how to support our community I ask that you consider United Way and all the good it does.

Sarah Rucker


Lopez Children’s Center