Thank you to the United Way for ongoing financial support | Letter

“Investing in early learning is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing. Research shows that for every dollar invested in high-quality preschool programs, at least $7 is saved in future costs related to social services, remedial education, public safety, and juvenile justice.”

– Thrive by Five Washington Foundation for Early Learning

Lopez Children’s Center believes that early childhood education develops skills for school and for life. It also builds community by enabling families to live and work, keeping Lopez Island diverse and vibrant.

Lopez Children’s Center offers quality education and care to the children of Lopez Island, Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–5 pm through our preschool, ages 3–5, and play and learn program, ages 2 and half to 6. Our staff of dedicated, caring, well-trained teachers ensures children learn crucial life skills: sharing, patience, problem solving, conflict resolution, self regulation, friendship, and motor skills. Our curriculum — art, music, early literacy, math, and science activities — prepare children for kindergarten and beyond.

Thank you, United Way — and our Lopez community — for continuing to support Lopez Children’s Center. It makes a world of difference!


The Board of the Lopez Children’s Center:

Shanley Lett, Sherry Brummel, Jules McLeland, Carole White and Jane Hobbs, Director