Support the dump | Letters

It is not only an honor to pay taxes the electorate vote in, but in the case of The Lopez Dump Levy, those taxes are completely in keeping with what Lopezians are committed to:

• A caring community.

• Taking care of our earth and the island paradise we share.

• Fun.

I followed a dump truck from another island a few days ago as it traveled miles from one pick-up to the next, leaving a “big carbon footprint.” That our dump is located near the village where most Lopezians visit every week, make taking garbage/trash, recycling and items to our famous “Take It Or Leave It” easy, convenient task.

That we are committed to “zero waste” has us inventing and taking on new habits, especially after China recently stopped buying recycled plastic. The possibility of zero waste is an exciting game in itself.

Lastly, our dump is a social occasion. In our mid-80s now, my physician husband and I have volunteered and “shopped” at the T.I.O.L.I. for the 11 years we’ve lived here. We love the parties for volunteers. People greet each other. The fundraisers are a stitch: the Trashion Show and calendar, the “Junk Bonds.” This is all possible because of a dedicated board and the attractive and dedicated staff that we all work with.

Who would have thought?

Kay Keeler