Support Rick Christmas | Letter

By now all Orcas Power & Light Cooperative (OPALCO) members have received this year’s ballots by mail or email. It is extremely important that as a member you exercise your right to vote for your board members. Being a board member is no easy job and carries a lot of responsibility. When I look at perspective board members, I look for what the current board needs. It is not a popularity contest. What’s important is to look for experience, balance and the needs of the institution going forward.

Today’s electric companies are facing many challenges and our rural electric company is no different. Being a county made up of islands adds additional challenges. Because of the new challenges, regulatory, technical, and Washington State carbon reduction goals requirements, your board needs a clear understanding of how to meet and plan for how it will affect our membership.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such a capably board made up of brilliant engineers and one business-minded member. Vince Dauciunas from San Juan is one of those engineers and Rick Christmas from Orcas is the other and they both are running for reelection. Rick brings his business skills at problem-solving, financial acumen, and communication to this board. Rick has been a resident since 1998 and has been heavily involved in other community organizations and districts so he understands the complexities and challenges of living in the San Juan’s.

Please vote. I encourage you to vote for Rick Christmas and Vince Dausiunas. We need them both.

Leith Templin