Support for Jewett | Letters

I am writing in support of Carolyn Jewett for district court judge. Carolyn shows a natural comfort when answering difficult questions, with open, frank answers. She is what I want in a judge: prepared, experienced, thoughtful and compassionate. Carolyn has plenty of courtroom experience and is prepared for this position. She will work hard, apply the law in a way that is fair and serve our county well.

Carolyn grew up in a close family of six with one bathroom. Trust me, this a great way to learn flexibility, fairness, sensitivity and duty. Carolyn is informed, ready and old beyond her years. Furthermore, Carolyn doesn’t have a disingenuous bone in her body. She helps people harmed by crimes but also considers the circumstances of the offender. Please join me in voting for Carolyn Jewett for district court judge.

Marny Gaylord

Eastsound, WA