Support for Byers | Letter

I have been a middle class resident on Orcas Island for more than 20 years now. Some of you know me from when I worked in the Orcas Senior Center as “That Licensing Lady” (2005-2008).  My experience working there as a representative of  the San Juan County Auditor and Treasurer gave me some insight into the challenges facing our county government and the public it serves.

We live in a special place.  Part of that “specialness,”  for me, has been the civility of the public discourse. I hope that continues. Frankly, regarding this election, I see more commonalities with some of the candidates, rather than differences.  I really like Rick Hughes as a person, and I am a customer of his business. He is a good guy.

However, what intrigues me about Lisa Byers as a candidate are two things: her work experience and her personal character. I believe that Lisa’s time spent governing or managing a successful nonprofit agency (which interfaces on a regular basis with our federal, state and county government agencies) has given her a unique skill-set that will translate exceedingly well to San Juan County governance. Now, couple that with an articulate personality, sharp mind, straightforward demeanor, and fair mindedness.  What you get is a leader. That is Lisa Byers, a leader.

Cathy Ferran (aka Mackey & Leah’s Mom)

Orcas Island