Stand with Stand Up Men

Four years ago, the Stand Up Men called for local men to step forward to become part of a vanguard to raise awareness about domestic abuse and sexual assault. Four years hence, once again, we ask men of all ages to participate as a Stand Up Man.

We seek to create a new societal norm in which domestic abuse and sexual assault become as abhorrent as slavery and human trafficking.

Stand Up Men contribute $100 to SAFE San Juans to bolster their program of prevention through education. Contribute your $100 (or more if you can) at You can also walk with us in the 4th of July parade; sign up on the same webpage.

We challenge men from all islands to stand with us in protest against abuse and assault. We’re at the courthouse every Friday at noon, regardless of weather. Through education, we can help to change our collective future.

Scott Schwinge

San Juan Island