Stand Up Men fundraiser | Letters

The volunteer group called Stand Up Men are coordinating the annual fundraiser for the SAFE San Juans agency, as part of the effort to help address and raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault within our island community. This is the third year this group has solicited donations from men in San Juan County asking to stand up, both figuratively and literally, against this issue that affects all members of this community we call home.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to donate directly towards this cause. You can go to and quickly make a donation. Many of you have before and we ask for your help again. Our target is 100 men to donate $100. The donation goes towards providing the public education and outreach to those in the schools, the public venues and other ways that the SAFE San Juan’s budget cannot be used for.

For an additional $10, this buys a newly designed T-shirt that shows your support to others and provides a message for others to follow without having to say a word. Others will know that you have contributed towards making a difference; possibly to an influential youth in our schools, or maybe an abused victim of violence.

Most importantly, we have heard from community members that we are making a difference. People are understanding who we are, what we stand for and that it is appreciated. Women, men, and youth have joined us, spoken to us, shared their stories and have thanked us for providing assistance when needed.

A core group of Stand Up Men gathers on the courthouse lawn every Friday from noon to 1 p.m., to show the community we are out there and that the men here care about our community. We invite those who can give an hour to join us.

Don’t assume someone else will “stand up” for this cause. Our fundraiser lasts through May. Thank you in advance for your support.

Matt Claussen

Stand Up Men member