Response to Stephen Carter letter|Letter

Stephen Carter has a view of the future without private automobiles on the San Juan Islands that I could almost believe if the new ferries were passenger only and the old ones only took reservations for commercial and farm trucks. The new terminal at Anacortes would be more like the SeaTac airport with a good group of rental car businesses that Mr. Carter mention and most of the present loading lines are filled with rental cars. On the islands we have only OPLACO owned electric autos that can be picked up and drop off at ferry terminal or left at charging stations within 2 miles or less from any home. This might be even possible with self-driving cars and fewer stations. All the island stations would have covered parking for bicycles and scooters. And one last thing, the speed limit on the islands would be 25 mph everywhere for all vehicles, except for emergency vehicles. Let us dream on to a better, cleaner, safer future.

James Brady

San Juan Island