On wearing masks | Letter

Recently I had the delightful opportunity to visit a sheep farm and learn about the challenges of keeping these gentle creatures safe. While sheep are intelligent, they don’t have the ability to assess a situation. I didn’t know that domestic dogs, just by barking, can cause sheep such anxiety that they can die. It is one of the leading causes of death to sheep worldwide.

I also met the fabulous border collie who herds them from place to place, using his considerable thinking skills to manage them in a large group.

That same day I read that our health officer, apparently with the consent of our county council, does not agree with the current science, the CDC, and our governor that vaccinated folks no longer need to wear masks or distance indoors. That science indicates that vaccinated people pose virtually no risk of spreading the disease, even if they catch a rare breakthrough case. Many states have been back to normal in every way for some time. Texas has had at least one day with no COVID deaths IN THE ENTIRE STATE. The citizens and businesses, all on their own, do what they need to do to stay safe.

But apparently, our local officials think we are like sheep in need of a border collie.

We have followed the rules, we are the most highly vaccinated county in the state, and it is time to trust us and return to normal.

Carol Hooper

Friday Harbor