No on School Bond | Letter

My decision to publicly oppose the bond election has not been made lightly. I have the deepest respect for those who have expressed their support; HOWEVER I feel that the school reconstruction bond is NOT financially responsible or necessary. As the tidal wave of federal budget cuts wash over our state and come to the shores of our community I would urge prudence and wisdom before increasing any additional costs to our tax payers at this time.

It is not my intent to oppose education of our children or the true needs of our school. As a mother, I have always felt that the education of our children is paramount, as an educator I have felt that learning is the light that guides communities BUT solutions should be based realistic and sound economic judgment. A complete remodel of the building is not sound thinking. Our current economy cannot sustain such a luxury.

Prior to returning to education I spent several years in the bank industry. I saw and experienced personally, the consequences of the enticements and incentives of lower interest rates encouraged by the inflated housing market. Families who thought they could afford a bigger and better house have now lost those homes because the economy did not sustain their decision. I see a similar situation with this bond, let us be prudent NOT excessive in our spending on the school.

While those who promote the bond are skillful in their well-rehearsed answers and presentations, it is important that we as a community take time to weigh a WANTS list against a NEEDS list. Community members should not feel that by voting NO we love our children LESS or that we value education LESS than those who do supporting the bond.

During these tedious economic times, as every family in America is being asked to evaluate their financial decisions and spending habits, I would ask that the community require the same from our local school district. I believe that voting NO on the reconstruction bond would be the wisest decision to make at this time.

Georgeana Cook

Lopez Island