Merri Ann Simonson

Stephanie O’Day would make an excellent County Council member due to her experience and knowledge gained from working with the County’s planning, permitting, and development departments over the last 33 years. She is very familiar with current functioning of those departments and where improvements are needed. It is critical that we enhance those departments, to streamline their production. We need the permitting of new construction and remodels to take less time, and be less burdensome so that we can reduce the cost of new construction. Stephanie is a supporter of property rights.

One of Stephanie ‘s top concerns is affordable housing which is very important to me as a member of this community and as a Realtor. The affordability of housing in our islands must be addressed now in order to have a diverse population. Stephanie has numerous ideas that could be solutions for our affordable housing crisis.

​Stephanie O’Day as a Council Member will be the voice of reason. I hope that you will vote for her.

Merri Ann Simonson,

San Juan Island.