Make nice not ICE | Letter

Separating children from their parents after a desperate journey is a human rights abuse. Bible quoting fools notwithstanding, immigration is not a crime. Requesting asylum is not a crime. Human rights abuses currently being perpetrated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are a crime against humanity. Two hundred refugee women are now being imprisoned at SeaTac in a facility run by a private corporation. This is the same facility in which a female university professor locked up by ICE was allowed to die by denying her medical attention. Does that make you proud of your government?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has justified his policy by citing the Epistles of St Paul of the Bible, from which he managed to parse three words; “Obey the law.” Apart from the dubious judgment of the Department of Justice justifying government policy by citing the Bible (what if he had used the Koran?) Jeff clearly needs further reading in the good book. I suggest he start with “the Massacre of the Innocents” followed by “The Flight into Egypt. Then he should brush up with the section, ” suffer the little children to come unto me.”

Nikki Hadley our United Nations Envoy has waded into the fray with this penetrating assertion, “Not everyone that appears to be a family is, in fact, a family. This is the law. We are sworn to uphold the law.” The trouble is, there is no law requiring child snatching. There is no law requiring incarceration of asylum seekers. Jeff Sessions just cooked up this policy a few weeks ago. It flies in the face of previous practice. These mean-spirited officials made it up. They are lying to us again, as usual.

Making Medicaid recipients apply to work at Walmart won’t make America great again.

Tearing babies from the arms of vulnerable mothers won’t make America great again.

What makes America great is that we don’t like mean people and we won’t suffer fools for long; it is that we defend the weak, and we challenge the high, the mighty, and the wicked.

Let’s get this batch of misbegotten carpetbagging child-snatching oligarchic authoritarian shysters off our Constitutional doorstep.

Stephen Carter